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Marketplace Information

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at the Shoreline Art Festival in June! This page will go into detail for all event and pre-show information. As we navigate COVID-19, we may make changes to ensure the health and safety of our community. All information will be updated on this page and notifications sent via email, as and when changes need to happen. We'll be staying as flexible as possible as we navigate 2021, and have many plans in place to pivot and adapt as necessary. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us.

New/key features to look for:


  • New online presence 

Festival Publicity:

What the festival is doing new/additional this year:

  • Direct to Door mailers are being delivered to 17,000 households in the area this week!

  • New, and more, banners have been distributed all over town

  • Increased online advertising budget 

  • Print ads in local weeklies

  • Shoreline School District Peach Jar announcements (9,600 families)

  • Rack cards distributed with performance information (1,000)


What the festival does every year:

  • Signage and posters distributed throughout Shoreline neighborhoods and greater Seattle. (500+)

  • Bookmark distribution (5,000)

  • Festival guides available around town at the event (5,000)

  • Radio ad spots (this year on Moving 103.5)

  • 10+ Articles published on Shoreline Area News

  • In person marketing at local events

  • The festival website lists all Marketplace artists with links to your sites (if available); email the Arts Council at if you need anything changed.

  • Paid social media boosts: 


What you can do:

  • On your web site, add a link on to the festival website:

  • On your social media sites, “like/follow” the Arts Council page and share Festival-related posts with your network & on Instagram. Use #ShorelineArtsFestival when sharing content.

  • Distribute bookmarks/flyers to your customers. When the office is open after the virus passes, you can pick up printed material at the Arts Council office. Office hours are Monday–Thursday 10am-5pm. 

  • Download your participation image here

Checking In and Unloading


Due to the new layout, we will likely not send out booth assignments before the festival. 

  • Arrive any time after 12:00 pm on Friday afternoon. Alternatively, you can set up on Saturday morning 7:00-9:00 am.

  • Look for the check-in table on the west entrance access road. Pick up your booth number and last-minute instructions. If you arrive early, please park in any gravel area, not the blacktop.

  • Find your booth spot and park nearby to unload. Be aware of potential bottlenecks, and be ready to move your car if needed to let other artists leave the Marketplace site.

  • Artists have 30 minutes to unload. You can then park in any gravel spots west of the Marketplace site. If you need more than 30 minutes to unload, plan to come after 6:30pm.


Parking During the Show

There is ample parking on college grounds both east and west of the festival site. The west gravel lots are immediately adjacent to the Marketplace area, and artists are welcome to park there during the festival.  Note: the first row of gravel spots just off the access road are reserved for disabled & customer loading. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for artists who park in these spots.


Overnight Camping/Parking

There may be some limited off-site space available for artists who want to bring a camper, trailer, etc., Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday night. Your facilities should be self-contained; there is no electricity available and no bathroom/water access on Fri & Sat nights. Please call the Arts Council office for more information or to verify a space. 206-417-4645.


Festival Hours

The Festival is open 10am to 6pm on Saturday, and 10am to 5pm Sunday. There are activities and music events scheduled through all festival hours. All artist booths are expected to stay open, with artists present, during these times.



We have access to adjacent College buildings with amenities including restrooms, water fountains and shaded areas. In addition, an Artist Lounge will be available indoors near the Theater.



Free Wi-Fi is available at the Festival, but we expect it to get very busy with customer traffic. Please come prepared to run sales on your own data/cell service. 

Network: SCC Event 

password: shorelinecc



The closest ATM is located at the 7-11 on 160th street. The Festival is forgoing providing an ATM to guests due to extremely low usage/demand in the last few years.


Food Options

The food court is located south of the Artist Marketplace near the Showmobile stage. Vegetarian, vegan, and halal options are available. And Coffee!!



We’re doing our part for sustainability and reducing plastic bottle usage by placing large jugs of water throughout the festival (and making rounds through the Marketplace). Please bring your refillable cups or bottles to take advantage of this amenity.


Booth Sitters

There are limited booth sitting services this year. We’ll give you more details at check in. Please let us know during check-in whether or not you’ll need this service.


Artist Lounge

A room in the building next to the Theater will be reserved for artists and Arts Council members. Please take advantage of a quiet, air-conditioned space where you can charge your phone, have a snack, and get out of the weather.


Marketplace Security

There will be security throughout the Festival hours and on Friday and Saturday nights. We encourage you to put up canopy walls at night.


Shuttle Service

A shuttle will run during Festival hours both days around all the campus parking lots, and then over to Central Market/Shoreline Farmers Market. This will allow our customers to easily use any of the many parking lots on campus. Both the parking and shuttle are free to use. 


Business License – Need or not need

The City of Shoreline has established a business license program. Individuals and/or businesses who conduct limited retail sales as part of a city-sponsored event or a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization-sponsored event (Shoreline Arts Festival!) no more than six (6) days per year and who generates no more than $5,000 in gross receipts per calendar year within the City are exempt from obtaining a Shoreline Business License. 


Social Distancing

As we navigate ... enter details in here

Image by Brandi Redd


If you have any questions please contact:

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