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Dive into our diverse community.


The ever popular Shoreline Arts Festival Cultural Rooms return this year outside, to provide fun and enriching explorations into some of the cultures that make up the fabric of our community.

A Glimpse of Africa

A Glimpse of Africa will include African arts, designs, photos, contemporary and traditional musical instruments. They are presenting a dance from Benin & Ghana, West Africa. These dances are artistically significant in all aspects, especially communication. 

The whole family to enjoy the beautiful sounds of Ghana by joining JHP for a free 45-minutes dance and drum workshop. Come prepared to sweat it out and come ready for a great experience! The dance workshop will be at 11am on the Community Stage and again at 12:30 at A Glimpse of Africa. 

hosted by JHP Legacy

Chinese Culture Room

Stop by to see a glimpse of the fascinating 4,000+ year history of Chinese civilization through artistic depictions in various mediums from past to present. Then, try your hand at traditional Chinese arts and crafts.  The Chinese cultural Room will have Chinese calligraphy, Chinese paper folding, lantern making, and paper cutting activities rotating throughout the weekend.

hosted by Chinese Artist and Cultural Groups



We’re a grassroots organization doing advocacy work on issues that primarily affect BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities north of Seattle's ship canal, including surrounding cities. We have worked with other local organizations and City departments on projects related to: Access to sports and recreation, Access to art, Civic engagement, Community building, Cultural placemaking, Equitable development, Environmental justice, Ethnic businesses, Food security and healthy eating, Housing and displacement prevention, Transportation and connectivity

Visit our booth on Saturday and enjoy a display of traditional Latin American handcrafts including: pottery, paintings, wood, textiles, and toys. On Sunday, join Jesús Jasso and his Proyecto Patria, an exhibition dedicated to the Mexican history. On display will be  books, maps, photographs, and artifacts. Jesús' enjoyable conversation will  immerse you into the personal stories of historical figures stemming from 150 years of history!  Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata and the Mexican Revolution, The Battle Puebla (Cinco de Mayo' origin), Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's life, and more!



Featuring arts and craft activities, as well as workshops on Philippine Folk dance, like the world-famous Tinikling or Bamboo Dance. This cultural room will also include exhibits of modern art, ethnic musical instruments, like the Igorot and Muslim gongs and Drums, and a costume display showcasing indigenous dress through the ages. 

hosted by Filipiniana Arts and Culture

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