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The Juried Art Exhibit features original works of art by local artists. Each year over 100 individual artists register for the show and we exhibit hundreds of unique works of art. 

Virtual for 2021

Applications open March 15th, 2021




Please email Lisa

2020 Winners

2D/3D Juror’s Choice Awards:

1st Place $200: Bjorn Larsen "Human Nature" 
2nd Place $100: Emily Gomez "Triggers"
3rd Place $50: Barbara Freeman "Harmony" 

Photography Juror’s Choice Awards:

1st Place $200: Jennifer Himes "Social Distancing" 

2nd Place $100: John Korvell "Java Joe"

3rd Place $50: Doug Early "Framed By Light"

People’s Choice Awards:

1st Place $75: Brandi Young "71 VW Bug"
2nd Place $50: Susan Gins "I Still Believe Anita Hill”
3rd Place $25: Emily Gilman Beezley “Ocean at Dusk”

2-D & 3-D Artwork: Marsha Lippert

Photography: Lauren Heerschap

View the 2020 Virtual Juried Art Show below:

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