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 June 7 - July 31, 2021 | Online Only

The Juried Art Exhibit is virtual this year. Click the link below to view the show. NEW this year - BUY ART directly from the website. People's Choice voting will be on festival weekend June 26th: 10am - June 27th: 4pm. Come back again to vote for your favorite piece. Thank you to all of the artists who entered the show and congratulations to the winners!  

Purchasing Information

You can purchase a piece of art directly from the website.  You will receive an email about how to pick up your work at the ShoreLake Arts Gallery or have your art shipped to you (for an extra fee). 

Artists provided artwork descriptions. If you need more information before making a purchase (e.g. type of frame, if any, etc.) or shipping costs contact:

or 206-588-8332

All sales are final.

Juror's Choice Winners


1st Place: Huey Lee

The Life of Him, Ceramics

2nd Place: Marc Bridger

Metaverse: The Catastrophe of Nostalgia, Oil on Canvas

3rd Place: Mercer Hanau

Pre-Quarantine, Two-layer Woodcut Print

2-D/3-D Honorable Mentions

Eileen McMackinAlong Lake Annecy, Watercolor

Erik SullivanYou just got here though, Oil on Canvas

Greta BurcoSt. Remy,
Acrylic on Canvas

Roxanne EverettSchoodic Woods,
Acrylic on Paper

Don FarrellBeyond,
Acrylic Glazes on Panel

Kristin Frost: Alone Together,
Graphite and Colored Pencil on Paper

Juror's Choice Winners

1st Place: Mel Curtis 

Donna's Dress, Nemours 
2nd Place: Sonya Lang  

Crow Spirit Guide
3rd Place: Justin O'Keith Higgs 

Black Tudor

Photography Honorable Mentions

Bob BirnbaumEarly Morning

Scott Fenton: Tranquility

John KorvellDuck Boat

People's Choice Awards

1st Place:

Alison Mehravari

Fox Love, San Juan Island, WA


2nd Place:

David Dwyer

West Coast Gem

Digital Painting

3rd Place:

Diane Turner

Triplets in White

Oil on Canvas

Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations

to the winners!

Juror Statement

Gale Johansen: 2D & 3D Art

It is my honor to be a juror for this year's festival - woodcuts, quilling, stone or metal sculptures, collage, traditional or abstract paintings, or just the creative imaginings of the artist are all presented.  Some selections convey an atmosphere or documentation of a time and place, while others spark deeper thought and interpretation by the viewer.  


Art can elicit a serene and peaceful response, communicate a message, or excite and spark further dialogue.  A strong composition, proficient technique, or unexpected viewpoint or idea deserve special consideration.  My congratulations to all the artists and best wishes for continued success and growth.


Juror Statement

Norman E. Riley: Photography

Because there was no theme prescribed for submissions to this year's show, all of the entries in photography were judged on equal footing and all are worthy of special recognition in my opinion.  Every entry was proficient insofar as photographic technique is concerned, and more than a few were refreshing because they offered interesting perspectives on familiar subjects, because they were composed in ways that drew attention to the main subject without disregarding other details essential to understanding and appreciating the context in which the primary subject was found or arranged, or because they were unusual in some notable respect.  


The photographs I favored in the end were those I returned to multiple times.  These particular images are exceptionally well-executed, and held my interest for reasons of atmosphere, technical prowess, elegance, or raw power.  Each transcends the usual superficial qualities we expect in photography by communicating something beyond the contours of the subject itself and more profound than the circumstance in which the subject occurred.  All make an impression that will be remembered long after this year’s exhibit closes.  I extend my warmest thanks and congratulations to everyone who submitted photographic art this year.  I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Gale Johansen

2-D/3-D Juror  

Seattle-born mixed media, 3-D artist, Gale Johansen, lives in Snohomish and works from her home studio. She was honored as the Schack Art Center's 2017 Artist of the Year. 


Norman E. Riley

Photography Juror

Norman E. Riley is an American photographer working in the f/64 tradition.  For more than 40 years his work has been widely published and exhibited in North America and Europe.

NRiley_ Tragelephus buxtoni (Mountain Ny

For questions please email Lisa

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